dimecres, 19 de maig de 2010

An Iron Chancellor for Europe

Publicat al CIDOB per Deniz Devrim i Carme Colomina

In recent weeks, German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to have turned into Europe’s new iron lady, allegedly fulfilling the prediction of her British predecessor Margaret Thatcher who believed that once reunified, Germany would loose its interest in the EU. Since reunification, German politicians consistently proved that this fear was misplaced; however, the current Chancellor’s delayed reaction to the Greek crisis, the failure to make an early commitment and her stubbornness to bring the IMF into the rescue caused Europe-wide uproar and granted debt speculators extra time. On the other hand, some would argue that Germany’s tough position has forced the Greeks to seriously commit themselves to painful and unpopular but necessary internal reforms, credible fiscal and financial control, and transparency.  (seguir llegint)